Yash Dave

Brief Introduction

I'm a Full Stack Developer that's fully capable of adapting to any kind of technical and non-technical requirements. My developer journey started in 2010 with me developing my first website at a Summer Camp by a nearby Science Center, after which I have been in love with anything and everything computers. I am an avid techie and always on the lookout for new technologies on both the hardware and software sides.

Starting with OSS

My first issue was under the dotnet documentation repository for ML.NET. I officially joined the Open Source community in May 2019 when I joined Mozilla Gujarat. Few weeks later I was already contributing to the Mozilla India website by working on a Front-end site structure issue, which was also my first PR. Currently I have also started to contribute to's website repository, A platform I have fallen in love with. I have also recently joined for CodeHeat by FOSSASIA - 2019 and hope to come out learning a ton more from it.

Personal Projects

My first personal project ever was with a friend of mine where we worked on a Wiki like site for a game called the Division which we were both a lot into. It was a simple website whose sole purpose was to display information about items, characters, etc. in the game. No editorial functionality. Another favourite of mine is a prototype PWA that I built for helping people in need of blood reach potential donors quicker via Intelligent Notifications. Currently I am in process of a couple of projects. First is building my own command-line based OS while second being building my portfolio site, which I finally mustured enough courage to build. I am also familiarising a ton with Data Structures and Algorithms after naively ignoring them during earlier days.

What's the coming in the long run?

My aim for the future as I continue to pursue my Masters is to attend more hackathons preferrably at a larger scale. I want to polish my web-dev skills to the utmost and also learn a ton about the field I recently became familiar with - Data Science. Never lose the drive and keep exploring!


The Onion Rooting

Bringing Onions back to my BurgersSolidity, Bootstrap, React


.NET Core
SQL Server