Pranav Pawar

I'm a junior runtime developer working on the substrate framework and runtime modules for Edgeware DAO, a substrate-based solo chain. I have expertise in domains like Blockchain and Machine Learning with an expert-level proficiency in languages like Python, Rust, C, and C++ to solve problems in blockchain and ML. I also have a beginner-level understanding of solidity programming language. Motivation plays a vital role in anybody's life to achieve excellence. The most prominent driving force in my life is the desire to excel in my profession always motivates me to learn new things. My biggest strength is thinking on my feet and providing optimized solutions for critical problems in my domain. I have coded many low-level games in the python programming language. This hackathon will test my skill sets which will be helpful in my career.



One stop solution for your decentralized Password Management needs powered by self-custodial web3 encryption.Solidity for smart contract, Edgeware's EdgeEVM as L1, Python for client-side backend, React and JavaScript for frontend, Node.js for integration


One-stop snap-based solution for all your Edgeverse needs; so you can access not only EdgeEVM but also the EdgeWASM environment from the Metamask eliminating the need for multiple extensions.HTML, React, CSS, MetaMask, JavaScript, Figma, TypeScript, Material-UI, Edgeware Solochain


We're adding a functionality to existing Collateral based protocols to take advantage of the staked collateral, when the collateral increases in price, with an aim of keeping the collateral intact.Solidity, Python, Figma, Vercel

EdgewareDao on Vara

Enabling cross-community engagment through Daos.Rust, gear




  • Edgeware DAO - junior runtime developer
    January 2022 - Present