Shankar Warang

Before securing almost a half decade of experience in web3, I was an Electrical Engineering student and was volunteering the open source Android Custom ROM development. In my 4 years of engineering, I was able to secure a VU2 HAM radio license and got into Satellite Ground Station as a researcher, made it to the finalist teams of the Smart India Hackathon 2019 (software edition), won the Smart India Hackathon 2020 (hardware edition), best paper award (3rd rank) in IEEE ICCDW - Quo Vadis conference and Intel Edge AI scholarship.
I started my crypto journey back in 2017 and worked on 5 projects under different semi-technical roles until I came across Edgeware. Edgeware is a fairly distributed governance experiment turned into a self-sustaining ecosystem without any kind of VC backing. Edgeware introduced the 'Lockdrop' mechanism to the whole crypto space to follow and got participation from big names in the industry like Binance, Coinbase Ventures, Aragon DAO, Framework Ventures, etc. VCs/teams/DAOs/individuals.
Edgeware not only incubates projects but also incubates people! I participated in Edgeware's lockdrop event and later also became the first treasury-funded contributor back then in 2020. I started my Edgeverse contribution journey as a Community Manager and Edgeware community incubated as well as accelerated my career so far.
Meanwhile, I never stopped learning, participating in several hackathons, and making new connections in the whole space. Thus happy to expand my contribution journey through hackathons and fellowships on Devfolio!



One stop solution for your decentralized Password Management needs powered by self-custodial web3 encryption.Solidity for smart contract, Edgeware's EdgeEVM as L1, Python for client-side backend, React and JavaScript for frontend, Node.js for integration


One-stop snap-based solution for all your Edgeverse needs; so you can access not only EdgeEVM but also the EdgeWASM environment from the Metamask eliminating the need for multiple extensions.HTML, React, CSS, MetaMask, JavaScript, Figma, TypeScript, Material-UI, Edgeware Solochain


Cross-chain (not just multi-chain!) NFT Marketplace for the trinity of Flow, Edgeware's EdgeEVM and Ethereum.Solidity, HTML, React, CSS, JavaScript, Figma, Cadence


Bridging legal entities and crypto assets!Solidity, Next.js, TypeScript, Vercel, Hardhat, ThirdWeb, Wagmi, pnpm


CDP Yield Optimiser for Lending protocolsSolidity, CSS, JavaScript, Next.js, Figma, TypeScript




  • Friendz - Community Manager
    February 2018 - July 2020

    Assisted technical or financial questions on official telegram group, Android app testing, and reporting, minor help in other services provided by Friendz SA.

  • Perlin ( - Community Manager
    August 2019 - January 2020

    Tested blockchain-based solutions built by the Perlin dev team and assisting technical or financial questions on an official telegram group.

  • Biconomy - Developer Evangelist
    April 2020 - July 2020

    Did technical strategy planning, created technical content/blogs and walkthrough videos.

  • Polkadot - Apprentice Ambassador
    March 2020 - Present

    Founded and curating Polkadot India community on TG.

  • Edgeware DAO - Community Operations Lead
    August 2020 - Present

    I started contributing to Edgeware as a Community Manager and over a period of 2+ years, I evolved my role into Community Operations Lead along with on-chain council responsibilities.
    I currently look after following things in Edgeware DAO:

    • Operational tasks (weekly community updates, event scheduling, announcements, hosting community calls & AMAs, onchain proposals' curations & encoding, community calls'/AMAs' compiling and project management related responsibilities)
    • On-chain Framework drafting
    • Strategy and Business Developement
    • Content Creation (Blogs)
    • Social Relations/ PR (working with the social media manager and infographics creator)
    • Financial/MM decisions making (working with the DAO Financial Strategist team)
    • Design/brand language (working with the web developer)
    • Technical contributions (frontend assistance, technical workflow & strategy, github/vercel management, tools porting/integrations)