Rama Shankar Jha

I am writing to introduce myself as a Lead Community Moderator. My name is Rama and I have been working in EdgewareDAO as a Community Moderator along with that I am also a Web Developer.

So as per my current role, my daily job is to manage the community, answer queries, eliminate spams throughout the whole ecosystem. Along with that I have been making Infographics for all the updates happening in our Community. I am confident that I can deliver high-quality work in a timely manner.
I am looking forward to the opportunity to join your team and contribute my skills and experience to your projects.



One-stop snap-based solution for all your Edgeverse needs; so you can access not only EdgeEVM but also the EdgeWASM environment from the Metamask eliminating the need for multiple extensions.HTML, React, CSS, MetaMask, JavaScript, Figma, TypeScript, Material-UI, Edgeware Solochain


Cross-chain (not just multi-chain!) NFT Marketplace for the trinity of Flow, Edgeware's EdgeEVM and Ethereum.Solidity, HTML, React, CSS, JavaScript, Figma, Cadence


Bridging legal entities and crypto assets!Solidity, Next.js, TypeScript, Vercel, Hardhat, ThirdWeb, Wagmi, pnpm




  • Edgeware - Lead Community Moderator
    December 2021 - Present

    Community Moderation, Organizing Community Events for Engagement and Infographics Creation.