Ayush Kumar Singh

Hello! My name is Ayush, and I am a PreFinal student pursuing my undergrad at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal.

I have worked with front-end technologies like React and Next.js. I am also actively learning backend development with Golang and exploring Generative AI.

I take pride in my role as a Core Member of the UniDAO program led by the Devfolio Team. In this capacity, we're actively fostering a culture of blockchain innovation on our campus. This involves hosting weekly sessions for first, second, and third-year students, covering a wide array of topics, including DeFI, DAOs, IPFS, NFTs, and hands-on projects involving NFT minting.

One of our notable achievements was during the ETHOnline hackathon, where my team and I conceptualized and developed Deano – a Decentralized Data Annotation Center. Deano empowers vendors to post jobs (datasets) and allows annotators to label datasets, earning incentives for their accuracy. This innovative system ensures that both vendors and annotators are rightfully rewarded for their contributions, presenting a mutually beneficial solution in the blockchain space.

I look forward to constantly expanding my knowledge! ✨



AdChain is a blockchain-based advertising platform that uses web3 technologies to create a more secure, transparent, and privacy-focused advertising ecosystem.Solidity, ethers.js, The Graph, CSS3​, Hardhat, Next JS, Polygonscan, Arcana, Wagmi, RainbowKit


Transforming dull text into comic adventures!Next.js, Flask, OpenAi, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Tailwind CSS, Replit, Stable Diffusion


EthosLink is a social token Engagement Platform with a Token Gating Server.IPFS, Next.js, The Graph, Hardhat, Safe, worldcoin, BASE, EAS


Empowering farmers with comprehensive solutionsSolidity, Next.js, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Python, Tailwind CSS, FastAPI, Filecoin, torch, zkml

Voice To Help

Automate ticket creation with Voice To Help Snap-in. Identify and resolve customer issues from Google Play, Twitter, and Reddit data.React, Flask, pandas, YAML, Python, GitHub, OpenAi, FastAPI

Country bot

Get info related to your favorite country on telegram. It has some games also associated with countries, and it helps you plan your travel also by providing your proper infoPython, country api, httpx, telebot


Creatorz is a decentralized video-sharing platform where content creators can monetize their videos with social tokens and NFTs. Users can buy, sell, and collect videos as NFTsIPFS, Next.js, ethers.js, The Graph, Hardhat, Arcana, Wagmi, Push Protocol, Polybase




  • shortsqueeze - SDE intern
    November 2022 - April 2023
    • Created Validaet, a community website, from the ground up to foster connections and mutual assistance among users.
    • Developed the Poll page for Validaet, enabling users to easily conduct and participate in polls.
    • Utilized REST APIs to establish a seamless connection between the Next.js frontend and Golang backend of an application, delivering an enhanced user experience.
    • Leveraged agile methodologies to deliver end-to-end software solutions for the Special Task Force of Madhya Pradesh Police.
  • Niveus Solutions Pvt - SDE Intern
    December 2023 - Present
    • Developing a Puppeteer-based browser automation tool for efficient project budgeting on GCP