Pranav M S

I am a Full-Stack developer. My interests include Blockchain, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Penetration Testing. I love building applications and finding solutions that impact others' lives. I love to participate in hackathons and meet new people.
I have worked on various projects in different fields.
You may view my Portfolio at :



A Decentralized Software Marketplace for devs/users to sell or buy software with NFT LicensePolygon Network – Deployment of custom NFT Contract, IPFS Network – For Decentralized storage of Marketplace Apps, Node.JS/Express.JS – Backend Engine to support Marketplace, MongoDB – Backend Database, Open Zeppelin – Libraries used for Contract Development, Truffle Suite – For building our NFT Contract, React.JS – Frontend Marketplace for Creators and Users, Figma – Designing User Interface for the Platform, Ganache – Used for testing on private Blockchain, Web3 – Connecting to Polygon/Ethereum Network


Decentralizing NGO donations1. Ethereum Smart Contract - Fund N'GO Network, 2. React.JS - Frontend Portals for Donors ; NGO's ; Providers, 3. Node.JS/Express.JS - Backend Engine to support the portals, 4. MongoDB - Backend Database, 5. Truffle Suite – For building our own tokens, 6. Open Zeppelin – Libraries used for writing smart contracts, 7. Ganache – Used for running private Blockchain

Employ Chain

A Decentralized Employment & Verification System using BlockchainNodeJS – API Server | Smart Contract Interaction | Web3 Functionalities, ReactJS – Frontend Library, Bootstrap Framework - Responsive Design, Web3 - MetaMask Interaction Libraries, MongoDB - Unstructured Data Storage for User profiles and Job Listing, Truffle Suite - Testing and Deploying the Smart contract, Polygon Network - To provide Faster Transactions and Lower costs, FileCoin Network - To Store and Retrieve files on IPFS nodes, Firebase Storage - For user metadata file storage, Figma – Designing User Interface for the Website

Where’s My

Decentralised Device Tracking ApplicationOpenZeppelin, Flutter, Figma, MERN stack, Ganache, The Graph, Polygon Network, Quicknode, Push Protocol, Truffle Suite and Mocha




  • Verzeo - ML Developer
    August 2019 - September 2019
  • Best Bengaluru - Web Developer
    January 2020 - March 2020
  • Scholarly Science - Full Stack Developer
    August 2020 - September 2020
  • BearTax - Blockchain/Web3 Developer
    August 2021 - September 2021
  • Tvast IT Solutions - SDE
    August 2022 - Present