Raksha S

I am a 4th year CSE Student. I like combining logic and creativity. I've always been motivated to take up new challenges that tickle my brain. As an individual with with strong passion for building user-based applications and research, I aspire to become a UI/UX Designer. The developer community has always delivered top-notch applications to it's end-users. However, there are many challenges that they too face, while dealing with user experience. I believe in combining empathy and creativity, and someday, hope to establish equity over equality for users.
I have worked on various UI Designs and personal projects. You many view my portfolio here: https://raksha.link/



A Decentralized Software Marketplace for devs/users to sell or buy software with NFT LicensePolygon Network – Deployment of custom NFT Contract, IPFS Network – For Decentralized storage of Marketplace Apps, Node.JS/Express.JS – Backend Engine to support Marketplace, MongoDB – Backend Database, Open Zeppelin – Libraries used for Contract Development, Truffle Suite – For building our NFT Contract, React.JS – Frontend Marketplace for Creators and Users, Figma – Designing User Interface for the Platform, Ganache – Used for testing on private Blockchain, Web3 – Connecting to Polygon/Ethereum Network


Decentralizing NGO donations1. Ethereum Smart Contract - Fund N'GO Network, 2. React.JS - Frontend Portals for Donors ; NGO's ; Providers, 3. Node.JS/Express.JS - Backend Engine to support the portals, 4. MongoDB - Backend Database, 5. Truffle Suite – For building our own tokens, 6. Open Zeppelin – Libraries used for writing smart contracts, 7. Ganache – Used for running private Blockchain

Employ Chain

A Decentralized Employment & Verification System using BlockchainNodeJS – API Server | Smart Contract Interaction | Web3 Functionalities, ReactJS – Frontend Library, Bootstrap Framework - Responsive Design, Web3 - MetaMask Interaction Libraries, MongoDB - Unstructured Data Storage for User profiles and Job Listing, Truffle Suite - Testing and Deploying the Smart contract, Polygon Network - To provide Faster Transactions and Lower costs, FileCoin Network - To Store and Retrieve files on IPFS nodes, Firebase Storage - For user metadata file storage, Figma – Designing User Interface for the Website

Where’s My

Decentralised Device Tracking ApplicationOpenZeppelin, Flutter, Figma, MERN stack, Ganache, The Graph, Polygon Network, Quicknode, Push Protocol, Truffle Suite and Mocha


Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD


  • Kudosware - UI Design Intern
    April 2021 - July 2021
  • Tagthose - UI & UX Design Intern
    August 2021 - September 2021
  • TVAST - UI Design Lead
    October 2021 - Present