This helps the people to plan your daily tasks like going to banks, supermarkets, and many more. This decrease the amount of social gathering at places.

The problem StandVirtual solves

There are long lines in front of banks and supermarkets waiting for them for a long time to get their work done which results in an increase in the threat of the spread of COVID and also wasting a lot of their time standing out. There is also an issue of giving more priority to the rich people at banks whereas the poor are standing in the long line for hours together. So we have come up with a solution which maintains the number of people for slot times in a day so that people can plan their schedule and be present at the taken time slot they have chosen .which helps the management to maintain social distancing. It does not waste people's time. By implementing blockchain, in this application, we can bring up transparency and equal priority between people.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating blockchain smart contracts into a web page. To create different blocks for different slot timings in smart contracts.

Technologies used