Naga Nithin

Hi, This is Naga Nithin. I am working currently as Blockchain Developer.


Market Bridge

The bridge that connects producers and consumers.Flutter

Location survailance for covid,Medical assistance

1)Location Surveillance It checks the physical distancing during COVID.if density is more then it alerts 2)medial assistance-maintains reports, diet, periodical tests&precreptionFirebase, Unity, Dart, REST API, Flutter


This helps the people to plan your daily tasks like going to banks, supermarkets, and many more. This decrease the amount of social gathering at places.Node.js, JS, REST API

SocialDistancing Tracking for analysis

This solution helps to maintain social distancing for a large area like a country and also brings awareness in people to stay away from social gatherings like a market place, even public transport.Bootstrap, Firebase, JS, Dart, REST API, HTML5, Flutter, Google Maps API, CSS3

Red Spot

An alert for danger and the transparency that is not maintained in the data of health results. It brings te awareness in people about social distancing.IPFS, Firebase, Smart Contract, Dart, REST API, Flutter, Google Maps API, Remix IDE, Ethereum

Project còir

An efficient, transparent, and robust solution for data management in courts and police stations across the country using blockchain technology.Easy to use by both clients and officialsMetaMask, Dart, Flutter, Ethereum


📈Increment savings💰💰, 📈Increment nature☘️ 🍀…TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, Dart, Flutter, Matic, Ethereum, Blockchain, Python3


Increment Savings ...,Increment NatureSolidity, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, Dart, Flutter, Matic, Remix IDE, Ethereum, Blockchain

Project Detroit

Bringing in transparency and justice to allSolidity, MetaMask, Dart, Flutter, Ethereum, Blockchain

COVID-19 Vaccine Supplychain

Global level smart vaccination tracking system using BlockchainSolidity, MetaMask, Matic, Web3, Truffle, Polygon

LoHo - NFT Marketplace

LoHo is a decentralized marketplace for NFTs. It is built using Ethereum smart contracts. Deployed on Ethereum and polygonSolidity, Infura, Web3, Ethereum, Ganache, Truffle, Polygon


Encourage....Analyse.....DecentralizeIPFS, Node.js, Flutter, Matic, Rust, Unity 3D, Express, Covalent, Filecoin


Data is the new MystryReact, Node.js, Infura, Express.js, The Graph, Covalent, Polygon, Dune, Cartesi

B1- project 001

Bypassing the boundaries of paymentsReact, Node.js, Express.js, The Graph, Filecoin, Consensys, Arcana, Polywrap