SolFund 💰

Crowdfunding platform on Solana ⚡️ enabling fundraisers to raise globally with negligible transaction fees. The campaigns support custom card format & can be embedded into websites 🌐

The problem SolFund 💰 solves

Fundraising is hard due to two main reasons :

  1. Exposure to potential patrons
  2. Payment processing regulations

Through SolFund, we're solving for both of these problems by creating easily composable & embeddable cards that allow individuals to embed them on decentralised platforms like Bitclout or any other website, hence enablong them to raise from a global audience and get exposure.

SolFund being deployed on the Solana blockchain enables blazing fast transactions ⚡️ and negligible gas fees. Likewise, due to the decentralised nature of crypto, patrons can freely support campaigns without payment processing obstacles or regulatory hurdles.

We see Crypto fundraising platforms helping people in emerging economies raise money from global audiences to bootstrap growth for their startups or non-profit initiatives they are running. No KYC, No questions asked. With the power of the blockchain, your believers can directly support you.

This project is a WIP.

Challenges we ran into

We can into a few challenges with Solana.

  • There was a learning curve to pick up Solana. We picked up some basic rust but had a tough time understanding the programming paradigm of Solana.
  • Having started a bit late, we were on a time crunch & couldn't explore Solana completely.
  • We had difficulty implementing Solana programs due to runtime errors and panics. A nascent dev community + not as comprehensive docs made it a bit harder to get to the bottom of issues we were facing.
  • We were advised to explore Anchor framework for Solana, but again faced similar issues due to lack of comprehensive docs.

We also ran some challenges with BitClout :

  • BitClout doesn't support custom embeds in the feed and only support embeds from certain websites