Shrey Keny

I'm interested in tech, startups, philosophy, often at the intersection of science and humanities.

I love building stuff that I find cool. I've worked on a bunch of IoT projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, most notably a robot that can be controlled from anywhere in the world through the internet.

I'm quite active on Twitter, tweeting about startups, tech and anything that falls at the intersection of the two. I love talking to people on Twitter and joining in on conversation

At the moment, I'm learning web development and deep learning. I also got into Etheruem thanks to the Ethereum India Fellowship and have been building Dapps as side projects.

I'm participated in a bunch of hackathons -- most notably GoaHacks organised by Google Developers Group and won the second place with my team. We built a disease awareness webapp that was also a PWA.

Another notable hackathon I participated was Coronathon -- organised by Paras Chopra / Team Wingify. We won a prize there for

I am the co-maker of, a side project I built with my friends in late January 2020 when there were only 3 cases of the new Coronavirus in India. As the cases grew in India, we understood the importance and need for a dashboard that spreads awareness about the virus and gives verified information to the masses. We built into a full fledged product, scaling it to 5M+ users and 18M+ user sessions. We were featured by the Indian Express and endorsed by Govt of India (NITI Aayog). I buil the first version of coronatracker and over time worked on development / growth / marketing / partnerships / PR for coronatracker.


Corona 2020

An integrated platform to safeguard to yourself from CoronaHTML, React, Visual Studio Code, JavaScript, Adobe XD, CSS3, Adobe Illustrator, Google Forms, ArcGIS

DeFi-Battles ⚔️

DeFi-Battles is your one-stop-shop for minting provably unique & rare NFTs and battle other players' NFTs with your unique NFT character powers and win rewards! 🎁 Invest. Grow. Battle. Win rewards!Solidity, IPFS, React, Socket.IO, AAVE, Chainlink, web3.js, Azure, ERC721 Contract, Remotion

Crypto Todo

Need to get work done? Use the power of social accountability and money to get stuff DONE! How you wonder? Crypto Todo is your answer!Solidity, React, Matic, Netlify, web3.js, Portis


Decentralised autonomous Insurance organisation: Insurance for the people by the people.IPFS,, Chainlink, The Graph, Fleek, Portis, Superfluid, Polygon, StakeDAO, Slate

SolFund 💰

Crowdfunding platform on Solana ⚡️ enabling fundraisers to raise globally with negligible transaction fees. The campaigns support custom card format & can be embedded into websites 🌐React, Rust, Web3js, Solana, Anchor


An app for the user to enable cross-chain transfer of tokens across 9 chains using a simple UINext.js, ethers.js, Chakra UI,