Elio Jordan Lopes

image Co-Founder/CEO of IntoTheVerse Inc., a web3 gaming company focused on building #Games4Good

  • Formerly DevFolio Celo India Fellow
  • Graduated Celo Camp Batch 4 Virtual Accelerator
  • CS undergraduate from Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Kernel Fellow Block 7
  • Full Stack Blockchain Developer
  • Currently learning Rust

Winner of (10+) web3 hackathons, most prominently

  • Celo Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon
  • ETHOdyssey
  • ETHGlobal HackMoney
  • ETHGlobal
  • HackFS
  • Metabolism
  • Solana Summer Camp
  • Chainlink Spring hackathon

Also built


Ethereum Swap

I have built an instant cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at a fixed price, without having to wait for anyone to fill your orders.Solidity, Bootstrap, React, MetaMask, JavaScript, Smart Contract, Ganache, ERC20, Truffle Suite

COVID19-AID - Remote education and Healthcare

An all in one aid for COVID19: remote education app with foul speech filtering using Watson API and all features of an education app and a IoT powered Android App Robocare making patient care easierFirebase, Android, OpenCV, NodeMCU, IBM Watson, Adobe XD, Arduino, Tableau, IBM Cloud, Ultrasonic Sensor


Decentralised autonomous Insurance organisation: Insurance for the people by the people.IPFS,, Chainlink, The Graph, Fleek, Portis, Superfluid, Polygon, StakeDAO, Slate

CELOGram - creator economies powered by Celo

CELOGram is a decentralised social Network on Celo, allowing diplomacy of content posted, decentralised chat, monetization of content, and allows you to support your favourite creators and fundrasingIPFS, React, Infura, ERC-721, Chakra-UI, Celo, Truffle, Celo Dapp-Kit, Celo-Wallet, OrbitDB-pubsub

SolFund 💰

Crowdfunding platform on Solana ⚡️ enabling fundraisers to raise globally with negligible transaction fees. The campaigns support custom card format & can be embedded into websites 🌐React, Rust, Web3js, Solana, Anchor

Into The Verse

Pixel Parallel Play2Earn Token-Gated Metaverse Game with DeFi, NFT Marketplace on Celo. Players can interact, trade collectibles and use them in game. Reinventing gamified Me-Fi and Impact on Celo.Solidity, React,, Web3, Uniswap, Celo, Contract-Kit, Ubeswap, Tiled

The Dungeon Flow

An RPG (Role-Playing) story-based multicharacter game built on the Flow Blockchain, where the player has to collect loot from the chests, kill enemies and collect NFTs & shop for new game collectiblesReact,, Aseprite, FCL, Cadence, flow, PhaserJS React Flow fcl Blockto Wallet Aseprite, Blockto, flow-playground

Dungeon Flow Mobile Rogue RPG - Flow UnitySDK

The Dungeon Flow is a mobile-first rogue action RPG game built with Unity on the Flow Blockchain, Flow Unity SDK, and Cadence - developed for both Mobile and Desktop.Node.js, Xcode, Unity, C#, WalletConnect, Aseprite, Cadence, Flow Unity SDK, lilico


Game Development


  • Vidrona - React/React Native Developer
    March 2021 - Present

    Working as a React Engineer at Vidrona LTD UK

  • School of Open Innovation - SparkAR developer
    February 2020 - June 2020

    Worked on developing AR experiences with SparkAR and Reactive Javascript at SV.CO and school of Open Innovation by Facebook India.

  • ACM VIT Student Chapter - Web Projects Lead
  • IntoTheVerse Inc. - CEO
    January 2022 - Present

    Building #Games4Good powered by blockchain technology and web3