SocialDistancing Tracking for analysis

This solution helps to maintain social distancing for a large area like a country and also brings awareness in people to stay away from social gatherings like a market place, even public transport.

The problem SocialDistancing Tracking for analysis solves

We have seen that a lot of COVID cases has been increased in the past few days as the rules have been loosening due to the drop in the economy. The only method which will must workout to decrease the spread is only through social distancing and authorities have been trying a lot to manage but in a large country like India, it is though to control the population. So this solution of an app for the user end helps them to identify the places where there is more gathering of people and try to avoid those places. So this can help to bring awareness in people to maintain social distancing. The authority end that is the web page can be used to find the most gathering places in the city and take certain measures to reduce the social gathering in those places. This solution can be a better solution to maintain social distance in a large country like India.

Challenges we ran into

Plotting the points and finding the density at a point and send the responce to app from the web was one of the most challanges we ran into.