Shoot Your Friends~

Shoot Your Friends~

A Decentralized Virqality born in Sui Network and breathing in Spheron Server

The problem Shoot Your Friends~ solves

Our Ideology: Upon speaking with our fellow participants of UNFOLD_2022 as well as UNFOLD_2023, many people tend to be working on making a DeFi game in order to add some decentralization (Previously So Did We). But we wanted to come our of that burnt space, and try to make a Decentralized Game that completely runs On-Chain and the player (User playing the Game) has complete authority over his assets.

What problems we have solved using Sui Network?

  1. Sui network provides the appropriate requirements for the gaming industry. As it's a Layer 1 Blockchain, we can build Wrapper on top of Sui Network which enhances the performance and simplifies the On-Chain events required for the gameplay.
  2. Easily On-Board People by reducing the number of transaction signings Player has to do between the game and with minimal interaction with the blockchain events.
  3. To store the player data, NFT data and In-Game Data On-Chain with the help of Earn-Burn advantage of Sui's Storage.
  4. The ability of player to transfer his assets to other players as well as other games built on the same network.

Spheron Helped us a lot by making the hosting process of such a huge game to the web without any hurdle.

Challenges we ran into

  1. The documentations were not updated and throwing errors so we had to struggle a lot to get the inputs for development.
  2. The documentations were outdated compared to the packages which added friction in the understanding and implementation process.
  3. There were package level issues on Sui-package which we had to fix and move forward.
  4. Challenge in learning and writing smart contracts on MOVE as we are not familiar with move syntax.
  5. Integrating Photon Multiplayer with Web3 as well as to get a WebGL build was a hectic task to do switfly.
  6. Researching on integrating zkAuth with Unity 3D seemed difficult.