Red Spot

An alert for danger and the transparency that is not maintained in the data of health results. It brings te awareness in people about social distancing.

The problem Red Spot solves

Lack of social distancing during and post-pandemic-
The app works by getting the location of all users in a certain area and then comparing the density of people with a said threshold and informs the user whether the place is safe. This feature will help people plan their errands to different places while safely maintaining social distancing.
Effective management of public transport-
It has a separate tab for public transport which tracks the location of people in a bus and let's the user know if it is safe to board the bus by comparing the density of people in it. This feature will help in restarting the public transport infrastructure post-pandemic.
An important point to take note of is that the bus will not let any new passenger enter if the density is too high, which will help in following social distancing for the safety of everyone on board.

Data tampering, because of political agendas-(Ethereum)
The ground reality and the data charts have a huge variation in the stats so,
bring in transparency and decentralization of corona meter(pandemic data -positive cases and deaths)
A Blockchain-based patient management system running on Ethereum that improves transparency and robustness of the data as only the admins and Registered Hospitals can “add” to the data and their Ethereum addresses get recorded to the main chain every time they add a patient. The system is immutable, that is, it can only be added to (by registered Hospital addresses), and tampering with the old data is practically impossible!
Anybody can call the getter function of the contract to access the number of patients and their basic details like age and date. The data has been chosen carefully to keep the privacy of the patient and rather use the patient’s file ID which makes no sense to the general eye. But still, when the need is, any authority (like in the case of Police investigation) with a warrant can ask the hospital to present the complete patient file from the patient ID.

Challenges we ran into

We needed to make sure that only Admin and registered Hospitals will be able to register new patients, so our earlier idea was to iterate through an array of registered hospitals and find if the address is present. This would have become very costly for practical purposes as Ethereum charges you for every step you take (and imagine the steps in going through the array of thousands of hospitals every time). We found an efficient alternative as connecting a new Hospital address with a Boolean and marking it as true with the help of "Mapping function". So whenever someone tries to add a new patient we just need to check if their address has been mapped as true; if not then the person gets a message that they are not authorized to do so. We also had the difficulty in connecting the blockchain into flutter and posting and getting location in very less time interval was one of the biggest challenges we faced.