Project Detroit

Bringing in transparency and justice to all

The problem Project Detroit solves

Data management in courts and police stations is not efficient in these modern times. The common people also cannot clearly understand what's happening once the lawsuit is filed. Project Detroit is an all-in-one solution for both the officials and the common people. It works using blockchain technology. Its transparent, that means data tampering and manipulation is not possible. The clients or common people can know what's happening and what happened in the lawsuit filed. It all happens through UIT(Unique Identification Token) which is generated and given uniquely to each lawsuit filed. Clients can use this token and a mobile application to track the status of the lawsuit. Clients with the token number have only access to read the data that too in a short manner because we need court permission to give complete details to a citizen. Once a citizen has access, he can read everything but cannot modify anything. the data updating is done by authorized personnel like the police or the court officials after some progress happens in the case. We can see every step with end to end protection.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we ran into was integrating blockchain with the user interface that too with a mobile application. Another challenge was to generate a unique token for each lawsuit.