Progress Pool

Progress Pool

Rewarding those who keep building.

The problem Progress Pool solves

Most hackathon projects die. Progress Pool is a new funding mechanism that rewards those pursuing their projects beyond the hackathon weekend.


  • Organizers allocate a percentage of hackathon bounties (e.g., 10%) to a future pool
  • After 90 days, participants submit proposals demonstrating project progress
  • Evidence includes GitHub commits, Twitter marketing, etc.
  • 30-day community voting period with tokens for all participants (hackers, speakers, organizers, sponsors)
  • Approved proposals receive an equal percentage of the future pool
  • Applicable beyond hackathons: grant programs, startup accelerators, open-source funding

We talked to the Cohera team, who also hack here at ETHPrague, and we got an idea to integreate our protocols to promote sustainable funding and development.

Challenges we ran into

Deployment on some chains was buggy at times. Hosting on NEAR BOS was a new experience and we needed to adjust our normal workflow quite a lot.