Emerge, Coordinate and Create

The problem Cohere solves

Cohere gives every individual a way to start funding a vision of what we collectively care about and to coordinate everyone to bring this vision into reality.

The platform blends several fundraising strategies with a way to effectively direct the funds by leveraging Quadratic Voting and payment channels in a seamless way.

Cohere is not just about funding visions anyway; it's about involving everyone in the process. Once a vision is funded, individuals are encouraged to propose their ideas to contribute to the project. These proposals outline specific projects and budgets required to achieve them. Cohere then provides a transparent and democratic platform where participants can collectively decide on the allocation of funds for the tasks.

Cohere enables:

  • Decentralization of expression: freedom to make visions emerge and gather around them
  • Decentralization of contribution: people can help realize what they believe in while they learn and grow
  • Decentralizaton of funding: funding comes from different sources, from staking to donation

Challenges we ran into

User Experience: limited amount of research and testing possible in a short timeframe,
Frontend development: first time working with the new update of Next.js and Wagmi / Wallet Connect
Backend and Solidity: How to design contracts in a way that they are composable (NFT as owner of a DAO, potential of using Lens Protocol, Mechanics and Implementation of Quadratic Voting)