Pro NFT League

Pro NFT League

Play and Earn by leveraging your cricket knowledge.

The problem Pro NFT League solves

Some of the problems we aim to resolve are:
Limited options to incentivize users for consuming sports.
Limited innovative ways for fans to capitalize on fav players’ performances.
Limited web3 options, with a high barrier of entry.

For any sports league, the major stakeholders like the organizing community, broadcasting agencies, sponsors, franchisees, investors, and players receive huge monetary rewards, but the real backbone of any sports league i.e the FANS are left behind or have limited incentivization options.
Through PNL, we aim to incentivize sports geeks for their knowledge and passion!

Challenges we ran into

There were a few challenges we ran into, fortunately, we were able to overcome them all.

  1. Initially we just had a shady plot, and it took us considerable time to carve out a viable business model and develop a robust model for the sports ecosystem.
  2. For the tech side, we took a considerable amount of time to decide on the tech stack we are going to use for the project.
  3. It was fun yet challenging to integrate the frontend, backend, and blockchain.

It gives us immense pleasure to see our product taking shape after several iterations and brainstorming sessions.