Anushka Gupta

My name is Anushka Gupta and I am a pre-final year student at the National Institute of Technology Patna. My vision is to empower the world by building next-generation blockchain and web3 products. I strongly believe that India will emerge as a global leader in the web3 industry which currently houses 20,000 blockchain developers, only second to the USA.
To pursue my venture, I have boosted my skill set through the ‘Learning-by-Doing’ model. The Tech stack I am proficient in include:

Programming Languages: Solidity, JavaScript, Python, Rust, C++, and Java
Frameworks and SDKs: Hardhat, Truffle (Ganache), Remix, ThirdWeb
Frontend: Next.js, Web3.js, React.js, HTML, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS
Blockchain Libraries: OpenZeppelin
Nodes: Fundamentals of Infura, Alchemy, and QuickNode
Oracles: Fundamentals of Chainlink
Layer-2 solutions: Fundamentals of Solana

In every technology, computer science fundamentals remain the same. Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, and System Design give a strong foundation to my skill set.
Some of the Web3 projects that I have built:

Blockify: Music Dapp on the web
• Programming Languages: Next.js, Web3.js, Rust.
• Blockchain network: Solana Devnet
• Framework; Anchor
• RPC provider: QuickNode
• Wallet: Phantom Wallet

NFT_CHASE: NFT Marketplace on the web
Replit Link for code:
Marketplace Link:
• Programming Languages: Next.js, Tailwind CSS
• Frameworks and SDKs: Thirdweb, Replit
• RPC provider: QuickNode
• Wallet: MetaMask

Salient Features of the project:
User Authentication: User authentication takes place with the help of Metamask.
• NFT collection: Minted my very own NFTs living on the Rikeby testnet inspired by the world-famous Cryptopunks.
• Dynamicity: Each NFT leads to its very own webpage listing all the important details about that NFT
• Sell NFTs: NFTs can be sold on the website using MetaMask at the listed prices.
• Dark/Light Mode: Light and dark modes available.
• Excellent UI

SilverBlue: Generative NFT deployed on OpenSea
Link to NFTs:
Github Link:
• Programming Languages: Solidity, Python
• Libraries: OpenZeppelin
• Frameworks: Hardhat
• RPC provider: Alchemy
• Blockchain Network: Ropsten Testnet
• Wallet: Metamask
Salient Features:
• Generative Art with help of specific features like Faces, Eyes, Accessories etc with help of Python
• Included rarity of some features making some NFTs more valuable than others.
• Included Metadata of all NFTs for information on characteristics.

DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organisation
Github Link:
• Programming Languages: TypeScript and Solidity
• Libraries: Openzeppelin
• Frameworks: Hardhat
This project was built in order to understand the working of a DAO like deploying an ERC-20 token, governance order, lock-in period etc.

Github Link:
Technologies used: Blockchain, python, JSON module, flask, postman, and solidity
In this project I have deployed a self-made blockchain developed in python. Also, I have created my own cryptocurrency called Frootie with the help of python and json modules. This project also contains a smart contract that helps in smooth transactions with footie as a medium. All the blocks are added in a distributed ledger distributed over 3 Nodes.

Next-generation of the web is exciting with blockchain building the foundation for it. My goal is to be a significant contributor to this emerging technology by developing industry-grade projects to building new enterprises with lucrative business models.
**Women in STEM **will play a crucial role in the internet for tomorrow and my personal ambition is to see more women leaders in this new shift in technological paradigm.


Pro NFT League

Play and Earn by leveraging your cricket knowledge.Solidity, IPFS, MERN stack, pinata, Bootstrap​, Rainbow Kit

LoanDapp - a Decentralized Lending Platform

Give us eth, we will give u stablecoins!React, Solodity, Chainlink, Etherjs

Social Dapp

Upload your web3 memes!Solidity, IPFS, React.js, React-Bootstrap, Etherjs


Data Structures
Object-oriented Programming
Algorithmic Design