A web application that will let students and parents apply to schools, high schools, and colleges of their choosing via online registration.

The problem nepForm solves

nepForm is aimed at students to help them have easier access to a school or college's admission forms and processes. In this day and age, we are getting used to relying on technology to solve every kind of problem that we might come across. For students living a long way from their choice of college or school, traveling all that distance just to collect one piece of paper or just to have an understanding of what kinds of courses the institution offers can be tedious, exhausting and time-consuming, especially when the student is applying to multiple institutions. Through this application, students and parents alike can collect information about schools and colleges of their choice and fill out admission forms for as many schools or colleges as they would like instead of visiting the institution in real life to collect and fill out their admission forms, saving them time and making the whole process way less hectic and stressful. This application can be of even more help to those living outside the valley and wishing to attend an institution inside the valley. Instead of traveling all that way for a single piece of paper, they can now apply to as many schools and/or colleges as they would like and as far away from their homes as they want. The main goal of this application is to make the applying process a lot easier by having everything a student will need, in one place.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest thing was the idea. We came here with a preconceived notion that we would be bound to solve the challenge presented in the hackathon. Though the organizers gave us the free will to choose the problem to work on our own, we had a hard time putting our thoughts together.

Once we mapped out our ideas we had a short discussion on the platform we could work on, out of many possibilities we decided to use django as all the team members were familiar with the framework. We were very lucky to have a wonderful team that we could coordinate things well. We had a bug (regardi.ng data presentation for the users) during the development phase that made us scratch our head for hours, but once we got our solution, we had a great sigh of relief.

As far as we know the prototype that we have now is bug-free but not yet complete. some of the features could not be implemented (email validation, payment system for forms etc) due to the time constraint.