Riwaj Chalise

I have been doing web development for some time now, I started it a year back when an NGO of one of my family friend needed a website for their organization.

The most complex project I have done so far is a prototype of a search engine - titled as "SELCOUTH". I and one of my friend did it together. By doing this project I learned about MVC framework, data scraping and how data are indexed by search engine companies, This project also taught me the importance of software engineering.

Other than Django I have been learning MERN stack lately. Creating something amazing that can awestruck people is what fuels me. I love surprising people.



A web application that will let students and parents apply to schools, high schools, and colleges of their choosing via online registration.jQuery, Bootstrap, JS, Django, MySQL, Semantic UI

COVID FundRaiser

Let's give back....Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel, Data Scrapping, Khalti API


Web Scraping