Maximizing content impact

The problem LensMaxi solves

LensMaxi is a tool that empowers content creators to monetize, incentivize and grow their community. It does this by combining the Lens protocol, Superfluid, and the Lit protocol.

Subscribers stream their money to creators to receive access to the creator's premium content.
The subscribers in return receive a stream of Social Tokens. Subscribers now have the ability to stake the Social Tokens they have acquired in order to receive a portion of the creator's streaming earnings.

By allowing subscribers to earn a share of the revenue generated, creators align the community at large with clear growth incentives. Early adopters that believe in the creator's mission and content are motivated to promote the creator. The community as a whole benefit from a large number of subscribers.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges ranged from technical ones such as dealing with incomplete documentation, frustrating bugs, and edge cases, to community-related tokenomic considerations and trade-offs.