Aditya Singh

Full stack developer working on web3 tech for 2 years now. I love to develop fintech, data science and blockchain projects.

Primary Tech Stack

  • Rust
  • Typescript
  • JavaScript
  • Solidity
  • Python

Some of them have won a few hackathons. Developing to do more. 👍

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Listen To LearnFlask, spaCy, Beautiful Soup, Python, Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), Natural Language Processing, GloVe


Give answers to peer doubts and let others decide if you are worthy of the rewards from the doubt poster!Solidity, React, Hardhat, Superfluid, alchemy


Real-time incentive payment system with streams for contributions and work among peersSolidity, React, Remix (IDE), Hardhat, Superfluid


Maximizing content impactSolidity, React, JavaScript, GraphQL, TypeScript, Lens Protocol, foundry, Lit Protocol, Superfluid SDK


A cross-chain token streaming solutionNext.js, GraphQL, ethers.js, Connext, Chainlink, web3.js, Hardhat, Superfluid, RainbowKit,

Algorithmic Trading and Stock analysis

Visualizes the stocks analysis simulating an algorithmic trading strategy.jQuery, Django, JavaScript, AJAX, Jinja, Python, CSS3, Plotly, HTML5​

Field Data and Automated Feature analysis

Feature analysis from crowd sourced field photosTensorFlow, Keras, OpenCV, Python, Image Processing, ResNet, EAST algorithm, RasterVision

Extractive Text Summary Generation and NER

The scope of this project is to make computer based automated production of condensed versions of documents. This automation is necessary for the information driven society.scikit-learn, Machine Learning, spaCy, Tkinter, Python, Natural language processing (NLP), NetworkX, GloVe algorithm for vectors

COVID 19 Status app

A Cross-platform mobile app made using the Ionic framework to understand and visualize the COVID-19 situation in India and its states.JavaScript, Flask, HTML5, ngrok, Python, TypeScript, Ionic Framework, CSS3​

Code Space Code

A website to compute and have a look at the path of Solar System Barycenter.Django, Heroku, Python, Plotly, Jinja2, CSS3​, HTML5​




  • Setlor LLC - Software Developer and Analyst
    September 2019 - July 2021

    Build cross-platform mobile app website using Ionic and Angular.

    Developed recommendation systems and analysed crowd data using Python.

  • Indian Nuclear Society - Trainee Intern
    December 2018 - January 2019
  • MetaWork Labs - Engineering Lead

    Working as a Full stack dev, main focus on Backend and Infra development, Leading the product team developing the Search infrastructure of Web3.

    The main tech stack in use

    • Rust
    • TypeScript
    • Solidity