📈Increment savings💰💰, 📈Increment nature☘️ 🍀…

The problem i$Plant solves

  1. Nurturing nature: Simply planting the sapling is not enough, we will be monitoring the well being of the plant too. Rewards will be given on the basis of the type of plant and its nurturing
  2. Decentralised information: This helps in the accountability, improved traceability and transparency of the information. Further avoiding duplication of users for the sake of rewards.
  3. Survey for statistical data: The information will not be distorted and the maintenance cost will be low. Data is provided to low-investment data science based start-ups and companies.
  4. Identification of unknown plants : A machine learning model:desktop: is included which identifies the family and species of different plants based on their leaves.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Improving the accuracy for the machine learning model
  2. Collecting the data for training the model
  3. Turning ethereum into matic networks
  4. Collecting data from the forms