ZK-Infrastructure - by using zk proofs, hideme.lol allows you to CHOOSE a subset of some data and PROOF that it belongs to a whole set which has already been commited on-chain.

The problem hideme.lol solves

Nowadays ZK Protocols allow us to proof that data is correct by revealing nothing about it or preserving certain amount of it. No one allows us to CHOOSE what we want to hide and EXPOSE what we want to expose. In different situations we are keen to proof that certain information is correct and trustworthy, but at the same time we are required to partially preserve privacy.

Challenges we ran into

Building the circuits

: Different versions , is always a headache when thinking about performance, we believe that there is still room for improvement in performance


: Different bugs while integrating sponsors such as Biconomy, which where resolved along with the help of the team

communication problems

: While trying to integrate Push protocol there some misuderstanding on the steps to follow, we managed to solve this by having some f2f interaction with the team and getting the problem solved