An app for the user to enable cross-chain transfer of tokens across 9 chains using a simple UI

The problem Hamsa solves

Can be used to perform cross-chain transfers of tokens in many different chains.

  • Simple UI that makes it easy for anyone to use
  • Solves the bridgoor dilemma of which bridge to use for efficient cross-chain swaps. Humsa uses Socket's liquidity aggregator to find the most efficient routes for moving tokens from chain A to chain B

Challenges we ran into

We initially started working on the Transaction Decoder bounty, even built a UI to showcase the API but found it hard to crack a functional MVP we would be satisfied with within the duration of the hackathon. Hence we decided to pivot to the bridging UI bounty. Unfortunately due to lack of time we weren't able to complete the Bridge UI. We have a functioning frontend that loads up quotes for moving tokens but bridging is not yet active. However, we found the bounties very interesting and hope to continue working on them and eventually ship them post the hackathon.