Decentralizing NGO donations

The problem FundN’GO solves

Are NGOs - Scam or Safe?

As our society tackles many challenges, we have many NGOs emerging that help in uplifting and supporting various movements.
However, we face many challenges, especially with the funding process:

  • How can you trust the NGO you're funding?
  • How do you know that the money you donate is being used for the right purpose?

Our goal is to ensure that the NGOs you donate to are genuine

Introducing Fund N'GO -
A secure funding platform for the donors to ensure that all of their money reaches the right cause.
Blockchain has consistently proven its potential to disrupt and bring about a positive change in streamlining complex processes.
Blockchain resolves issues with the features such as Transparency, Immutability, Speed, Security, and Trust.

Challenges we ran into

** Challenges we ran into: **

  • Integrating the Front End into a User-Friendly application.
  • Using Web3 to interact with the Smart contracts.
  • Learning and using the Truffle Suite.
  • Getting familiar with different protocols such as ERC20, ERC721 etcetera
  • Setting up a custom Blockchain Explorer for Ganache.
  • Learning about Gas price and Gas values required for transactions.
  • To Understand the Application Binary Interface of a Smart contract

** How we resolved these issues: **

One of the major challenges was to create a smart contract and deploy it into our blockchain. Although it was a small set of code, it required a deep understanding of Web3 and other protocols.
However, we were able to pull this off by using the Open Zeppelin Library – A wide range of inbuilt packages that allowed us to deploy smart contract into our blockchain. It took a whopping 8 hours to understand, and was definitely worth it!