Employ Chain

A Decentralized Employment & Verification System using Blockchain

The problem Employ Chain solves

The problem with current employment system is that Employers need to go through a number of tedious processes before they can hire an employee. The user’s background, which includes Criminal Background, Work history and Educational Qualifications, take months to verify and, at present, there are no hiring platforms which can successfully validate the information provided by employees. There is also no efficient ‘Proof of Employment’ that the Employees can provide to recruiters during job application

Employ Chain is a Decentralized Employment & Verification System that not only verifies a user’s background details but also uses Blockchain to provide employees an NFT that can be used as a statement for ‘Proof of Employment’. We have developed a website where Employers are free to post and further hire employees for job roles in their organization. This not only saves the recruiters time, but also helps bridge the gap between employers and employees. It reduces months of manual verification to just a few hours.

Challenges we ran into

  • One of the major challenges we faced was to make the employees and employers aware of our website and ensure that all job hiring takes place on our platform. However, we will be able to overcome this if we integrate payroll onto our platform.

  • The next challenge was to design a simple yet effective user interface for all users and give them a good visual experience while using the website. We have tried very hard to make the user interface clean and clutter-free so that the users do not get confused at any step of the hiring process.

  • The smart contract issues unique NFT's to the employees which contains metadata about the user. Although we were able to write a method that can fetch that data, accessing the contract methods was difficult to overcome.

  • The project we have chosen is a large-scale project idea and implementing it within a span of 6 days was truly a challenge. However coding and brainstorming for this hackathon has been very memorable.