Cross-chain (not just multi-chain!) NFT Marketplace for the trinity of Flow, Edgeware's EdgeEVM and Ethereum.

The problem EdgeFlow solves

EdgeFlow aims to be the NFT marketplace that also allows users to bridge any NFTs between the Flow blockchain and Ethereum/ Edgeware chain in a permissionless manner. End users will be able to verify the authenticity of the bridged NFT through the marketplace itself to avoid any potential phishing attempts.
The current version only supports the NFT bridging from Edgeware or Ethereum to Flow. While we aim to achieve the following goals in the next revisions:

  • NFT bridging support from Flow to Edgeware or Ethereum.
  • Cross-chain NFT purchase
  • Cross-chain burning support

Challenges we ran into

The web3 sign-in functionality got broken all of a sudden due to the external dependency issues with Webpack 5 Polyfills and because of this, we couldn't even demonstrate the functionality at its fullest in the MVP.