DigiGo- One Reward to Rule them All.

DigiGo- One Reward to Rule them All.

DigiGo Loyalty Protocol Eats the World of Rewards Programs. We transition users to Web3 with payments that leverage account abstraction, defi yields, and wallet push notifications.

The problem DigiGo- One Reward to Rule them All. solves

The local merchant is struggling to survive in the world of large franchises. In challenging times like local restaurants, small shops and small businesses feel the brun. Amongst economic distress and supply chain issues, merchants have limited budget to attract and retain customers. At times merchants rely on loyalty program but these are rarely beneficial due to low client retention and redemption rates, time delays and high costs. DigiGo allows merchants to engage and retain loyal customers with direct on chain messaging, and offer digital coupons from savings earned by avoiding exorbitant visa fees. Our system transforms web2 royalty programs takes into account privacy, connects merchants directly and even allows defil yield opportunities for customer rewards.

Challenges we ran into

Our ambition is to make the user experience as seamless as possible to we must solve for the wallet experience. Account abstration is very challenging to implement in a user flow. We were able to create the base infrastructure from scratch. We added models to Safe to infuse more compostability. This innovation creates more usibility.