Abena Asante

I have an economical background and I'm an analyst, researcher at the intersection of economy, technology and culture. My journey into web3 started in Summer 2021 where I successfully completed "Deep Dive Into Blockchain" Summer School from University of Zurich. After that I started attending ETH hackathons globally like ETHDenver (2nd prize), ETHAmsterdam, ETHNYC (three prizes), ETHCCHack (finalist). Innate curiosity brought me to SheFi, a women led DeFi education program where I act as a teaching instructor, because in web3 the learning never ends. Besides this I act as a Growth and Community Manager for DeFi Africa, which is a network that aims at onboarding the next billion into web3 in Global South.
I have successfully build the following projects at hackathons

  • SAVUS at ETHDenver, crypto savings app with the purpose of incentivising savings and users get native tokens as reward
  • Adamfo protocol (finalist ETHCC Hack): To change the DeFi narrative, the concept of peer-to-pool seems to be an ideal alternative to the extant peer-to-peer model, because it reduces the need for spurious claims.
  • MEV and ME (sponsor prize, OpenSea, Reservoir and The Graph): we create da reputation score (akin to credit score).Using zkProofs to have a private trust score for merchants on market places. Pivoted into modules built on top of NFT auctions for attack (sniping bot) and defense (commit reveal).


DigiGo- One Reward to Rule them All.

DigiGo Loyalty Protocol Eats the World of Rewards Programs. We transition users to Web3 with payments that leverage account abstraction, defi yields, and wallet push notifications.Connext, Ethereum, reactjs, Hardhat, Polygon, foundry, Safe, polygonID, Valist, Push