Blockchain on Your Fingertips

The problem De-Click solves

In the rapidly evolving digital world, the average user faces a significant challenge in accessing and interacting with web3 technologies. This includes complexities in managing digital wallets, conducting interchain and intra-chain transactions, minting NFTs, and keeping track of their digital assets. Moreover, the lack of integration of these advanced technologies into everyday communication platforms creates a barrier for mass adoption.

The need for a solution that enables seamless usage of web3 within a familiar application like WhatsApp is clear. We believe that bridging such functionalities to an application that is being used by 1.5 Billion people will be the biggest gateway to help audience step into the world of web3.

Challenges we ran into

  • Planning the data to be indexed and encrypting the data to store on the chain.
  • Building a seamless flow for the users to perform functions.
  • Integratinh services without compromising the functionality and efficiency.
  • Addition of Dynamic NFTs as they require changing of their configuration every now and then.-