Chesstopia - Blunder Master Coin

The land where ancient game of chess meets the cryptoverse.

The problem Chesstopia - Blunder Master Coin solves

Welcome to Chesstopia, where you showcase your prodigal chess talents to earn money and have fun doing it! With the advent of multiverse, NFTs and Samay Raina's Chess Streams, Chesstopia is aimed to be a platform for chess lovers to play and earn as they do so!
Chesstopia has it's own currency - Blunder Master Coin, which is the way most people roll over here. The app has two major functionalities -

  • Chess Betting Games
  • Puzzles NFTs

Chess Betting Games

These games allow a person to bet certain tokens and when the other person does the same, they can start playing the game. Certain fees (x%) goes to the smart conract while to the victor goes the spoils.

Puzzle NFTs

The games played by the players can be turned into Puzzle NFTs by these players. These can be traditional puzzles as shown on lichess/chess platforms, or more exclusive ones such as winning move of Ian vs Magnus match. The owner of these NFTs earns chess tokens as more and more people play the puzzles he/she owns. This way a person can earn recurrent tokens through the puzzles, these puzzles can be sold on open NFT platforms such as opensea or via our own NFT marketplace.

Future Steps we intend to make.


The person can hodl the tokens (and not swap it for USDC/ other tokens), and the requirement to play puzzles would be that the person must hodl X number of tokens. Anytime, they can go ahead and unstake these tokens from the wallet and get USDC/Matic tokens in return.


Improve the security of these smart contracts and work have an audit with pre launch to very limited community on discord.

Challenges we ran into

There are total three smart contracts that have been developed to achieve this functionality so to work with these smart contracts was a challenging and fun task. The project does NOT have any centralised storage and is completely open which made us realize the security issues as well.

The hardest part was to make things work as in any project and completing the vision that we started with in limited time that we had.