ETHBrno² 2022 - A Lunarpunk Hackathon

An account of ETHBrno² 2022, a lunarpunk, independent & open community hackathon for supporters of decentralised finance, smart contracts, and Web3.

ETHBrno² 2022 - A Lunarpunk Hackathon

We had the honour of hosting the second edition of the ETHBrno hackathon, and we’re happy to say that they beyond one-upped the previous edition.

ETHBrno² was a lunarpunk hackathon, and before you read ahead, we recommend watching this short video to help you get a brief idea of what the term Lunarpunk elicits.


ETHBrno² took off on Nov 13 in Brno, Czech Republic, focusing on the subjects of privacy and security. They’re strong believers that cryptocurrencies are not meant to be just another speculative asset or form of gold. They are meant to be a tool that can bring all of us more freedom.

Quoting their Manifesto would help understand the mission and motivation behind their focus this year on privacy and security.

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. And good privacy needs good security foundations. Especially today, in a digital age full of people, organizations or governments that want to control you, your money or your data. Therefore, the second edition of ETHBrno (ETHBrno²) will be mainly dedicated to these important topics ― Privacy & Security.

Our hackathon is for everyone who understands the urgency of these issues and wants to help. We want to present the current progress in this sector and the projects, technologies and people involved. We are Ethereum people, but we welcome creators and fans of all blockchains and directions.

Let's learn together to defend against all threats, whether it's loss of privacy and state oppression, smart-contract exploits or simple phishing scams. Let's learn how to analyse them retrospectively. Let's learn how to use the right tools, and if we don't have them, let's create them together.

Don't Trust. Verify. Run a node. Protect privacy.

The vision of ETHBrno²

This year we saw a radical change in the concept of ETHBrno. Instead of being a local conference with limited impact on the Czech or Slovak audience, the organisers turned it into a global hackathon where every visitor had an active role. Be it a smart-contract dev, a copywriter, economist, graphic designer, community builder, translator... people across all professions collaborated to move forward together.

Three words define their vision: Focused, Global, Activating

🏆 Presenting the Winning Projects

The judging was conducted fascinatingly, with meta awards where judges decided the winners and quadratic voting where hackers took the call. Let’s go through all the winning projects and the problems they solve one by one.

Lunar Wallet

Lunar Wallet is the first privacy native Ethereum wallet based on a built-in integration of TOR.

🏅 $2,000 for First Place under Open Track - Quadratic voting
🎨 $1,000 for Design under Meta Awards
🛠 Builders: Victor, Bryce, and Hugo

Check out their Devfolio submission:


To mitigate blind signing, Soika can be used to pre-check transactions as a standalone mobile app or as a part of crypto wallets using Soika's API.

🥈 $1000 for Second Place under Open Track - Quadratic voting
🛠 Builders: Jiri, Lucie, Adam, Jan, and Radek

Check out their Devfolio submission:


Using MetaRate, users can give decentralized reviews for smart contracts.

🥉 $500 for Third Place under Open Track - Quadratic voting
🛠 Builders: Evgeny and Bobetbat

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Private On-Chain Line of Credit

It’s a private, on-chain, and zero-human-interaction line of credit that can enable financial institutions to start providing their services in public blockchain networks.

🤖 $1,000 for Innovation under Meta Awards
🛠 Builder: Guillermo

Check out their Devfolio submission:

The Censorship Game

An on-chain, hidden role game (like mafia/werewolf) that doesn't need zero-knowledge proofs and features quadratic voting.

🤖 $1,000 for best smart-contract under Meta Awards
🛠 Builders: Ceci, Nic, and V

Check out their Devfolio submission:

🚀 More participating projects

No Phishing Here

Browser extension for blind signing and phishing blocking.

🛠 Builder: Jakub

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Anonymous Voting System

A fully on-chain and anonymous voting system based on Zero Knowledge.

🛠 Builders: Rafael and Victor

Check out their Devfolio submission:


Users can now use their email address instead of their wallet address to receive and send cryptocurrencies.

🛠 Builders: Bartosz, Se7en, and Maciek

Check out their Devfolio submission:

Web3.0 Account Security Abstraction SDK (WASA)

With this SDK, users can delegate certain selected functions needed for a particular app to minimize potential exposure.

🛠 Builders: Timur, Ruf, Zhanybek, Anastasia, and Ali

Check out their Devfolio submission:


The project implements a new detector into the Woke tool, which automatically detects and reports cases where a contract can receive Ether but cannot send it to anyone.

🛠 Builders: Jan and Michal

Check out their Devfolio submission:

ZK ML Proof

It allows to publicly verify whether the provided data was generated by a specific neural network.

🛠 Builders: Daniil and Artem

Check out their Devfolio submission:

MetaMask Snap

It allows an average user to get more information about a contract and avoid interactions with suspicious, untrusted, hacked or even fraudulent contracts.

🛠 Builders: Maksym and Felix

Check out their Devfolio submission:

dWallet Judy or Sam

It’s a wallet encapsulating all the certificates and cards in an individual’s life, like a driving license, library card, school certificates etc.

🛠 Builder: Pilvi

Check out their Devfolio submission:

The impact that ETHBrno² has had on the entire Web3 landscape, let alone in Brno, was commendable. Going through the projects made during this 3-day hackathon filled us with anticipation for what the future will be like, and we hope it did the same to you.

We’re eagerly waiting to see what new feat our frens are planning to pull off at ETHBrno³!

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️