Artem Savchenko

Now I am deeply interested in blockchain technology and distributed systems, particularly in how they can be leveraged for secure and efficient data processing. I have been exploring Rust as a programming language for its speed and safety, and I am also interested in ZK-proofs for enhancing privacy and security. Additionally, I have a strong interest in data manipulating and analysis, and I believe that my skills in this area can contribute to the development of innovative solutions for complex business challenges.



A ReFi platform for sustainable development projectsSolidity, PresentationTool, VideoEditor

ZK ML Proof

ZK Proof - proofs whether the content was produced by a neural network. Such approach is useful in various fields, for instance, generative art or plagiarism checking.ONNX, zk, ZK-SNARK


PredictFlow is a cutting-edge prediction market platform that harnesses the power of blockchain and automated dAPI sponsor wallet management.Solidity, React, OpenZeppelin, remix, web3.js, Hardhat, Gelato, API3


Revolutionizing Blockchain Interactions with Abstract Account ExtensionsSolidity, TypeScript, ERC-4337