dWallet Judy or Sam

dWallet supporting you all your lifetime.

The problem dWallet Judy or Sam solves

dWallet around the individuals life
Certificates of authorities: drivinglicnce, identity library card, card of membership
(some of which you have to pay for, easy update, notifications or automation)
Showing just what is needed: does every author need to know everything in every case
School-certificates as NFTs, easy to share
Healthrelated stuff: if you have a challenge with your health, recipes
Familyevents as a POAP/NFT: behind the POAP could be pictures and other material
Cards related to you hobbies: gym card, digital green or black belt
Music: to buy songs piece by piece, and paying straight to the songwriter
The whole wallet could be kind of memory or social heritage to the family as person passes away

Needs: Lots of cooperation in society, with authors

Wants: Makes life easier and is related to self custody.

Securityissues are the most challenging.

Challenges I ran into

Securityissues, lots of work with authorties.

Technologies used