The Censorship Game

The Censorship Game

An on-chain, hidden role game (like mafia/werewolf), that doesn't need zero knowledge proofs and features quadratic voting. Will you reveal your true colors?

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Last updated: 12 November 2022 09:38 PM

Created project

The problem The Censorship Game solves

The Censorship Game is built with the intent to push players to reflect about privacy and security, while learning about quadratic voting and the commit-reveal design pattern. It is a proof of concept for a new genre of games that allow players to have secret properties/abilities without the complexity or computational overhead of zero knowlege proofs.

Challenges we ran into

Designing a game that allows for players to have private information without the complexity or computational overhead of zero knowlege proofs. We solved it by coming up with novel game mechanics that solely leverage commit-reveal schemes.

We also ran into a particularly sneaky, little documented issue regarding testnet RPCs: their gas price estimation is often not implemented, i.e. they silently return a constant dummy value that's well below the accepted network fee. We figured this out by systemically isolating the issue, we then realized it was a problem with our RPC. From there we were able to work out that if our transactions weren't being included/rebroadcast, the most likely problem was the gas price. We then investigated, and found the source.