Neelansh Mathur

Freelancer | Polygon Fellowship '22 | Former Committee Head @kjsce_codecell | Solidity Developer | web3 Frontends | Full Stack Developer

Previous Hackathons (13):

ETHIndia 2023 (December 2023) (WON a $2500 Prize across 2 tracks, 1Inch and Scroll ZKP)
Unfold 2023 (October 2023) (WON the $1600 Spheron Track Prize)
ETHIndia 2022 at Bangalore (December 2022)
Polygon BUIDLIT Hackathon (Sept 2022) (WON $12000 First Prize in the Public Goods Track)
Unfold at Bangalore (Aug 2022) (WON $2000 CoinDCX Bounty)
Warpspeed at Bangalore (May 2022) (WON $1000 CoinDCX Bounty)
Smart India Hackathon (March 2022)
HackNITR v2.0 (March 2021)
HackOff v3.0 (Dec 2020) (WON the Siemens Problem Statement)
HackJaipur (June 2020) (WON the "Best use of Elastic" Award)
HackNITR (March 2020)
AIDL Unifynd Hackathon (March 2020)
Smart India Hackathon (Jan 2020)

About me

P.S: Some tech-related data may have changed since this was written :)

I am driven by a desire to create. I have used a wide variety of programming languages as I feel that there should be no barrier between an idea and a creative project.
I have used C# and PHP-MySQL extensively, and am currently coding in Javascript for SPAs (VueJS), and Solidity & Rust for Blockchain and in general.

I have been fascinated by programming and its abilities from a very young age. For example, I used PHP-MySQL and Bootstrap to create a Social Network, in 9th Std.

Hackathons excite me. It's the idea of building something on my own that sends chills down my spine. It is a great way to implement what one has learned.
A hackathon is a place where ideas take shape, and I sure have a couple of things to build!

College and Education

I was the Committee Head of the programming council of my college, KJSCE CodeCell in 2021-22 and have been in the council for 3 years.
I graduated with a B.Tech in Computer Engineering from KJ Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai.


Résumé Weekend

Not just a portfolio builder, but a complete integration with your Github workflow.PHP, Vue.js, JavaScript, MySQL, CodeIgniter


CoronaXiv is an ElasticSearch-powered AI Search Engine that indexes the thousands of research papers that have piled up in response to the Corona Virus pandemic and illustrates various visualizations.Vue.js, Flask, PyTorch, Docker, Python, AWS, elasticsearch, BERT


Stock Market Analysis and Relevant Tweets (SMART) Platform for HackNITR 2.0 HackathonVue.js, Heroku, Python, GitHub, Vercel, NuxtJS


Crosschain bridge aggregatorSolidity, Tailwind CSS, VueJS, Hardhat

Pollen Protocol

OpenZeppelin for the Lens ProtocolSolidity, Markdown, TypeScript, Ethereum, VueJS, Hardhat

LP Llama

Cross-chain Analytics for Liquidity Pool Tokens to identify best buys, impermanant loss, rugpulls, etc. covering various Decentralized ExchangesDjango, Python, Tailwind CSS, VueJS

ZK Worth

Proof of Worth using ZKSolidity, Node.js, Express.js, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), React.js, Hardhat, Polygon, IPFS / Filecoin, circom2

Kiwi Protocol

The Better Social BirdSolidity, Next.js, Docker, Express.js, MongoDB, Nodejs, Spheron

Algo Combo

Automate Money MakingSolidity, Python, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, FastAPI, Remix (IDE), Nodejs, nextjs


Deposit ETH to Borrow Stablecoins and Repay at any time you wantSolidity, ethers.js, Ethereum, VueJS, Hardhat


Experimental Decentralized Social Media ProtocolSolidity, Ethereum, VueJS, Hardhat




  • Eka Academy - Web Designer
    January 2015 - January 2016

    Freelance Web Design and Development at Eka Academy

    Built and maintained a professional website for Eka Academy.

    Technologies used:

    PHP for templating
    Bootstrap as the CSS Framework
    Front-end Javascript

  • Undisclosed - Frontend Developer
    June 2021 - August 2022

    Frontend Developer in VueJS + NuxtJS in the blockchain space for a DeFi company (Company name not disclosed on request)

  • Plutoverse - Frontend Developer
    February 2023 - March 2023

    Developed an NFT minting site with cool web animations and mint functionality. Used Framer Motion in NextJS, React.

  • Dev Protocol - Frontend Developer
    September 2022 - October 2022

    Worked on the Clubs product for Dev Protocol which is working towards accelerating the creator economy. Worked in AstroJS and VueJS.