LP Llama

LP Llama

Cross-chain Analytics for Liquidity Pool Tokens to identify best buys, impermanant loss, rugpulls, etc. covering various Decentralized Exchanges

The problem LP Llama solves

Analyzing Liquidity Pool Tokens from Decentralized Exchanges can give us a wide variety of information, but is not the topic of popular analysis.
We index and compute data related to a Pool and it's corresponding farm's APY, Impermanant Loss, Volume, Staked TVL, etc. so that you can make informed decisions and know what risks lie under the hood of that fancy 100%+ APY LP Token.

The name "LP Llama" is a take on DefiLlama, one of the largest DeFi analytics dashboards out there. The information provided by such dashboards is valuable insight to the whole web3 community, be it for investing, analysis, learning or directly using the data we provide.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult challenge was aggregating data from multiple DEXes and sourcing the sufficient data and formula required to calculate the APYs.