Voice Based Pacman Game
Pacman game specially designed for People with Disabilities which takes instructions from Voice commands.
The problem Voice Based Pacman Game solves

We observed that there were not many games designed for PWD folks and hence decided to create something for them and hence we have Updated the Pacman game with Voice Instructions and hence you don't need to use fingers for the movement of the Pacman when you can easily do so by giving instructions verbally like: Move left / Left/ Right/Up/Down.

It can also be helpful for the victim of Parkinson's disease,A disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement, often including tremors.

Challenges we ran into

At first we had planned to make a Astroid game but later we understood that it was difficult to control the ship in the game with voice commands and hence we had to shift to some other game ,so for that we decided to move on Pacman.

I had tried very hard to use the Speechly API for voice commands in the hack but wasn't able to do so , as my application was not working properly with it and hence at last we decided to switch on to Alan AI's API for voice instructions .

Technologies we used
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