Streams money to others for their time using Uniswap and Sablier.
The problem SocialStreams solves

Remittance 2.0,it can change payment industry because now you can buy people's time using uniswap like AMM then redeem it.They spend time with you while they get money streamed continuously from blockchain per hour per minute per second. if people don't allow you to redeem time then their market value of tokens will fall deprecating their cost/hour , since its priced on AMM hence not possible for manipulation of personal tokens by owner or any single entity.

Challenges I ran into

lot of issues,first worked alone,completed the project during my exams(yes currently I have my college term exams and I didn't attended few papers to work on this but hey buidling on ETH is cool),matic + truffle doesn't works easily so had to work on remix ide(took more time),moibit requires sharing private api key to share data so just used matic onchain storage to store twitter ids/personal token ids,Sablier had compound integration and matic doesn't has compound so had to remove compound integration to make it work(could have deployed compound on matic but why?),uniswap integration had few issues but solved them-looking to find better solution to display personal token in frontend without fake tokens getting listed.Also take proper sleep(sometimes even function names get typos LoL).

Technologies I used
  • Created ProjectFebruary 29, 2020 6:22 PMa year ago

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