NFT Based Authentication for Web 3.0 Applications
The problem solves

NFT is and going to be a core economy for web 3.0. Daily we are seeing new NFT projects launching and some of them are actually adding value to the holder's life with unique utilities such as exclusive access to their content, events, parties, perks, giveaways, airdrops etc. Essentially, NFT tokens are working as exclusive access to those benefits and used as a verification tool for the NFT projects.

What we feel is in order to install the NFT authentication gateway on the internet for end-users, there is no easy and user-friendly way for NFT project owners. That's where NFTSO comes into the picture and provides NFT Sign-On service to NFT projects.

Problems we are trying to solve is,

  • NFT ownership verification for project owners is manual, time-consuming, and not for everyone.
  • No easy SDK is available that can get you set up with NFT based authentication instantly.
  • No other tool is available that instantly verifies the ownership of NFT in physical events, parties actively organized by NFT projects.
  • There is no way right now to launch an E-commerce store that only allows the NFT token holders of the particular project to buy products.
Challenges we ran into
  • Identify the RPC to use for all the blockchains
  • Dealing with hexes, addresses and converting it to simple to use user-generated codes to be installed anywhere
  • Making embeddable HTML widget NFT authentication
Technologies we used
FirebaseNodejsPolygon RPC NodeEthereum RPC Node
  • Created ProjectDecember 15, 2021 10:51 AMa month ago

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