Legs Miserables
Compete, complete, remain fit and receive credit !
The problem Legs Miserables solves

We have made a Progressive Web App to motivate people to participate and complete a marathon by providing them incentives if they successfully complete it. This can also be extended to creating personal runs among peers. We use PWA as the frontend, from where the user can explore marathons. If they decide to participate in it, they will be provided with a certain amount of tokens. All the participants will pool the tokens before the marathon starts and once the marathon ends, the total pooled tokens will be divided accordingly and rewarded back only to the participants who have successfully completed the marathon. This can be extended as a competitive event along with being a community one with greater percentage of pooled tokens being rewarded back to the top performers. In short, the aim of our project is to encourage people to complete the marathons or personal group runs they participate in.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating all modules, connecting the ethereum blockchain to PWA frontend, PWA with the database (Cloud FireStore), issues in displaying the actual values of the tokens as retrieved from the Solidity program

  • Created ProjectOctober 6, 2019 7:21 AM2 years ago

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