Home Inventory
It 's a personal search engine application for your home inventory to help ensure you find things when you need them and keep track of what's where! It's free and respects your privacy.
The problem Home Inventory solves

Do you lose your stuff often? Does finding things consume your time? Do you have multiple copies of the same thing because you lost something only to find it later on? Yeah we all have done that. This is your personal search engine to find your things. It enables you to find things with elastic search, just like you Google things!

I respect your privacy, your data is all safe, you can use any elastic search engine SAAS service you trust, even host your own!

Best of all, it's all free!

Technologies I used
BootstrapTypeScriptAngularElastic Search
  • Created projectSeptember 30, 2020 1:33 PM4 months ago

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