Ajay Tripathi

I am 22 years old, born and raised in India. I am currently working to complete my bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering. I have the love of thinking and often find myself flirting with branches of philosophy like existentialism & stoicism. I love to think logically and take pride in engineering solutions of day-to-day inconveniences.

I believe the world to be a positive sum game and hence promote and proudly contribute to the open-source culture. I support the society by helping people gain access to education & information. I mentor students in my college and contribute to OpenWISP to achieve these goals.

I love to meet and understand people and what drives them, and to do the same efficiently, I fancy myself with the study of body language, human psychology, personalities and emotions.

Amongst the hottest debates where i partake in, I am a strong supporter of net neutrality & right to privacy. I am available on the internet with the username atb00ker. Feel free to reach me on Twitter or LinkedIn.


ISP Finder

Find Internet service providers in your area by entering your pincode.Firebase, AngularJS

OpenWISP on Docker

A Hackable Network Management System for the 21st CenturyDjango, Docker, Python, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Shell script, Terraform

Home Inventory

It 's a personal search engine application for your home inventory to help ensure you find things when you need them and keep track of what's where! It's free and respects your privacy.Bootstrap, AngularJS, TypeScript, Elastic Search

Site Search

Find the lesser known gold nuggets of the internet.Bootstrap, AngularJS

Giveaway Organizer

Tool to enable creators to be able to organize giveaway without putting alot of effort into logistics.Firebase, AngularJS, Firestore

Ansible RasPi Debian

Ansible Raspberry Pi Debian Image Custom SetupRaspberry Pi, Ansible




  • Google Summer of Code - Developer
    May 2019 - August 2019

    Tech: Shell, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCE, Terraform, Python, Django ➔ Reduced setup time by at least 3/4th by auto-setup scripts of commonly required features. ➔ Significantly reduced OpenWISP installation complexity by providing customizable docker images. ➔ Efficiently deployed kubernetes clusters on AWS, GCE and OpenWISP rancher instance.

  • IIT Bombay - Full Stack Developer
    May 2018 - July 2018

    Tech: JavaScript, Django, Python, Shell ➔ Site optimization: About 60% less data requirement for users for downloading by enabling smart delivery of content. ➔ Web Development: Django website site improvements and feature additions to improve user experience. ➔ Scripts to convert 1000s to videos in spoken library using ffmpeg & shell to optimize server space utilization without downtime.