Ethereum Track DigiCast
3.0 way to own and earn from Videos
The problem Ethereum Track DigiCast solves

Implemented and deployed the “law” on EOS blockchain Fastest blockchain developed with vision for 8,000+ tps as compared to 15 tps of Ethereum blockchain & No GAS fees involved. Was done on EOS due to scalabilty only, earlier thought of ethereum. Did recognise Matic scalability later. A decentralised video streaming platform with higher profits for all Users come on DigiCast platform, buy % shares of the videos on offerings available Ownership of VTO (Video Token) can be sold by crowdsale or bidding Transparent and verified flow of money in system. No single server dependency. Verified & authentic videos on blockchain

Challenges we ran into

django and api integration was not possible due to python wrappers and js being used in herokku

Technologies we used
  • Created ProjectOctober 11, 2019 5:38 AM2 years ago

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