zDay Futures

zDay Futures

Zero day futures onboards next billion web2 users into web3 trading. Open your future on prices of crypto, and automatically close the position after 24 hours.

Built at ETHIndia 2023
Polygon: Honourable Mentions

The problem zDay Futures solves

Zero day futures trading platform helps to instantly and automatically close all the open positions of trades. Unlike perpetuals, where users can hold their position for any amount of time(which leads to locking of assets in pools), our platform close all the positions after 24hrs. User can also close his position manually anytime before 24hrs. Liquidity providers earn zDay tokens on providing liquidity which can be used in yield farming through 1inch. Real time price feeds are used to fetch the price of crypto like ETH using Chainlink. Users can also specify when to liquidate their position once their position reaches certain loss. Account Abstraction is used to solve the problem of UX in web3. So it helps web2 users who find it difficult to onboard web3 trading as they are already aware of futures in stock market, it is easy for them to get into the world of zero day futures.

Challenges we ran into

Had to explore and learn how to automatically call the functions in solidity, without using user intervention. Chainlink automation tool helped in achieving that.
Learning about ERC- 4626 since we created a liquidity pool, which gives liquidity provider's zDay tokens in return of their stake.
Continous building proved to be tiring but somehow managed to pull the project to its completion.
Learnt how to use subgraphs in our dapp.
Learnt about 1inch, yield farming.

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