You Sign

Blockchain based digital document signing application for secure signing and verification of documents.

The problem You Sign solves

  • What I have made is a blockchain based digital signing application. It would be a decentralized alternative to the currently used applications like DocuSign. Here people can upload documents, add a list of signers who need to sign the document and also keep a track of who has already signed.
  • The traditional applications providing digital signature services have some major downsides which can be addressed using blockchain.
  • Firstly there would be no need of a central authority or the need for a time stamping authority as that feature is an inbuilt part of the blockchain.
  • Any person having access to the document can see the other signers and who has already signed the document, but only the owner of the document can add more signers.
  • Another issue is that parallel signing of documents is not possible on traditional platforms. The signers must sign in the sequence they were added, this leads to considerable delays at times. This problem is solved here because the signature is not tied to the document instead associated to it by using smart contracts.
  • Also, since this would be a blockchain based solution, the proof of signature need not be verified by a third party. It can be verified independently.

Challenges I ran into

Initially had some trouble while trying to properly implement the Torus login system and wallet with the dapp, but got through it eventually.