Anshu Jalan

Hi, there! 👋

I'm a software engineer with 5 years of experience in building applications in the web3 space. My primary focus is on writing secure smart contracts and scalable backends. I actively led the development of defi applications on Ethereum, Tezos and other EVM chains.

I have worked on a bunch of ideas in my spare time. Some of the notable ones include:

  • EthML - financial infra layer on Ethereum for subsidising computing power for ML models.
  • Newton - an options trading platform allowing fully on-chain settlements in ETH and DAI.
  • Dream Arena - e-sports betting platform on Ethereum based on Decimal-Odds betting system.
  • Sizzler Network - a smart contract infrastructure layer for Tezos.
  • Box Defi - gamified defi farming dapp on Tezos.

🛠️ Tools & Technologies I use

🖥️ What am I currently doing?

  • ⛏️ Working on building user-friendly defi application with Plenty Network
  • 🛢️ Researching scalable on-chain synthetic assets
  • 🔬 Researching blockchain scalability
  • ✏️ Learning functional programming with OCaml

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You Sign

Blockchain based digital document signing application for secure signing and verification of documents.IPFS, React, Torus, Web3, Ethereum, Truffle Suite


Decentralised disease outbreak surveillance system to efficiently manage disease reportings.IPFS, React, Web3, Ethereum, Truffle Suite


A decentralized options trading platform providing settlements in ETH and DAI.React, Web3, Truffle Suite, Tellor


A Quadratic Funding and CLR matching based grants platformReact, Tezos, SmartPy, Taquito, Thanos wallet


Prediction market on Tezos, to bet on market trends, sports result, and much more.IPFS, React, Tezos, SmartPy, Thanos wallet

Dream Arena

An e-sports betting platform on Ethereum, based on the decimal odds betting systemReact, Matic, Chainlink, Portis, Truffle Suite


Real-time, flexible and gasless money streaming protocol on Tezos.React, Tezos, SmartPy, Taquito

Neper Finance

A highly-efficient algorithmic stablecoin protocol with a hard price floor and negative interest rates.Solidity, ethers.js, Ethereum, Chainlink, The Graph


MERN Stack


  • Tezos India Foundation - Blockchain Fellow
    August 2020 - November 2020

    Worked on projects related to quadratic funding and on-chain governance.

  • Tezsure - CTO

    Working on Defi applications